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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clip Boards-Base Price $8

Front Side of Clipboard

Backside of Clipboard

The long awaited clip board--I have had so many requests for this item. The possibilities are endless. I made this one for me & I can't wait to use it at my next show. Please refer to the ADD ONS menu for options. This clip board show would sell for $15.50. The add-ons include: 2 initial personalization charges, photo, extra paper design.

*Basic clipboard includes paint color choice, paper on front, ribbon & circle across metal clip.

See Price list for paint color options. If you tell me a color scheme I can email you samples of your paper options, etc.

Great for teacher gifts, teenagers, those of us that work craft shows or have home party businesses... really any working person can use these. When not being used for function, they are adorable hung on the wall and this is a quick way to change out photos of your loved ones.

*More clipboard samples will be posted in the days to come.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pen Holders $6.50-$13.50

Pink damask with white boa

"Spa Orient" with Black Boa

The Animal Print Collection

Sassy way to store your pens...I can never seem to find one around my house. Here are a few designs I have created over the past few days. Don't see what you like?!? I can custom design one for you.

The dimensions are soup-can size.

*As shown $6.50*

Birthday Party Favor Pails...Boys!

Camo Collection 4" pail $6.50; 3" pail $4.50

Just Monkeying Around $6.50

Here are a few of the custom designs for the boys!

Custom Birthday Party Favor Pails

Party Favor Pails $8.75
Birthday Girl's Decked-out Pail $13.75

My sweet friend, Melissa, asked me to create party favor pails for her daughter's birthday. Each pail is different, but varied on one another. This was an order for 14 pails and a few are sampled here. Thanks, M, for the opportunity to create birthday memories. I know the party will be a BLAST!!!

Introducing the Magnet Board $42.50

This was an experiment and Crede' was my "guinea pig". Thankfully this magnetic board turned out AWESOME!
Perfect for us busy ladies -- always needing to be reminded (or reminding someone) and a wonderful solution to organization.
This board measures 16"x12", it can be mounted and comes with 2 magnets. Personalization can be added for extra charge -- see "ADD ONS" pricing. Custom designed. Allow 1 week for processing.
*Inquire regarding other sizes that are available.*

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pails Galore...

The Countdown $7.25 (4")

3" pails-No frills $3.00

The Cyd-$6.50 (4")

Ho-Ho-Ho Pail $8.00 (one-of -a-kind design 4")

Variation on The Cyd $6.50 (4")

The Niki $7.25 (4")

The Crede' $5 (4")

3" Fall Glitter Glazed Pail-$3.75

Photo pail can be created. As shown is $11.75 (4")

The Lisha $7.25 (4")

Yes, I have been busy this weekend. I'm like an elf working for "Jolly St. Nick"...and lovin' it!

Here are several more examples of the Holiday pails I can create. Some are one-of-a-kind designs.

For the items I can duplicate I have named after my friends because you have supported, inspired and cheered me on. Thank you!!! (IF you don't see your name, there are more creations on the way.)
*Remember you can add embellishments to any design listed.*

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Holiday Pail $5.75 (glitter glazed)

Holiday Pail $6.50 with Boa

Holiday Pail $5.75

Great little pails for packaging that teacher/client gift. The wrap that is re-usable. After gift-giving, it can be used to store pens, wrapped candy, jewelry, etc. Custom papers available (birthday, holiday, any occasion)--possibilities are endless. Contact me with questions. Pails measure about 4" in height and diameter. Boas can be added to any pail ($1.50) as well as personalized (add $1.50 for single letter personalized).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tiny Leopard Rhinestone Pail $4

Great item for gift presentation! Reuse as a sassy pen holder, change holder, bow collector, jewelry holder...the list goes on & on.

3 inch diameter
3 inches in height

Great for gift cards...


Large pumpkin $25 (shown without rhinestones) 12" h x 5 1/2"d; $27 with rhinestones

Tall, but small pumpkin (shown without rhinestones) $10 6"h xx 3 1/2"d; $12 with rhinestones

Tiny pumpkin (shown without rhinestones) $5, 2 1/2"h x 3 1/2"d; $7 with rhinestones
Tiny pumpkin $5, 3 1/2" h x 3 1/2"d (shown w/out rhinestones); $7 with rhinestones
Medium zebra pumpkin with rhinestones $15 7"h x 4" d; $12 without rhinestones

I am always coming up with little crafts to create whether that is in my own head or an idea shared by a friend. Encouraged by my hubby, I decided to start creating to sell. My first designs, for this harvest season, are these artificial pumpkins adorned in zebra or leopard (with or without rhinestones). What a hit they have become!! Perfect teacher or client gifts--or a "just because you rock" gift. Packaged ready to give. Price range for every budget...

Check back often as I will be adding new merchandise.
Email me with questions & orders
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